From Penzance to St Petersburg

St Petersburg

An international conference in Russia was the venue for the launch of a new software package from Penzance-based developer altcom.

The bespoke software has been designed to enable cardiologists to monitor the outcomes of heart treatments in patients across Europe and Russia.

It was launched in St Petersburg at a conference attended by leading cardiologists collaborating in an international epidemiological study into factors affecting and leading to heart failure.

altcom’s new software system has been developed using Open Source technologies brining down the cost of development.

Being a web based application all that is required to use it, is a modern web browser and an internet connection. The data collected through the project is stored centrally on a secure server in the UK and the database will eventually contain details of about two thousand patients studied over the length of the project.

John Cowles, director of altcom, said “We were supplied with a well thought through and detailed specification. Using only open source components kept the cost down and actually made the development cycle quicker giving us more time to focus on creating a first class user interface.”