A new creative collaboration has launched in Falmouth.

Falmouth Creates, which is being led by the Falmouth Business Improvement District, will help facilitate and support a calendar of new festivals and happenings dedicated to supporting Falmouth’s creative sector.

Falmouth BID executive director, Richard Wilcox, said: “Falmouth’s enviable festival calendar gets bigger and better every year, delivering major economic and social benefit, for the business community, our residents, and visitors.

“The recently delivered brilliant International Sea Shanty Festival, organised against the odds, bears testament to that. We’re a dynamic destination and team, always looking to punch well above our weight and there was certainly a feeling that an opportunity existed to build a brilliant set of new festivals that celebrated Falmouth’s cultural scene.

“And rather than each new event organiser operating in isolation, we’ve brought them all together to share ideas, collaborate and innovate, resulting in Falmouth Creates.

“Falmouth BID will proactively support each of these exciting ideas through to fruition this year and furthermore, we’ll work together to seek the necessary ongoing funding that can ensure future sustainability.”


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