Free marketing mentorship


A Cornish marketing company is launching a free mentorship programme.

Kraken Marketing founder, Lyssa-Fee Crump, is running the initiative to help people who work in marketing or are looking to transition into a marketing career.

She says it can be hard to find the right mentor, especially when you might be limited by your employer’s personal development budget.

“I’m incredibly excited to announce the new Kraken Marketing mentorship programme,” Crump said.

“I’ve really benefitted from being mentored throughout my career, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a mentor.

“It can be invaluable to receive mentorship from someone impartial who’s from outside of your organisation, and that can be hard to find. That’s why we’ve set up this programme, to easily give people access to free mentorship.”

For more information about the Kraken Marketing mentorship programme, click here.


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