All about Mind Games


Cornish Olympian Annie Vernon has brought out a new book exploring what it is in our psyche that makes us push ourselves to the limit.

Throughout her career, Olympic silver medallist and world champion rower, Annie Vernon, struggled with questions about the purpose of sport and its place in our world today: Why do we do it? What is it in our psyche that makes us push ourselves to the limit? What allows us to mentally overcome the physical pain?

In the book, she sets out on a mission to answer these questions, drawing on her own personal experiences and interviews with some of the best coaches, athletes and psychologists from across the world of sport.

Mind Games – Determination, Doubt and Lucky Socks: An Insider’s Guide to the Psychology of Elite Athletes, is published tomorrow (Mar 21) by Bloomsbury Sport, in hardback, £16.99.

Vernon is now a sports journalist and speaker, contributing to BBC Sport, The Times, Guardian, Sunday Times and Rowing & Regatta.