New agency has beauty with character


A Cornish-based modelling agency is defying fashion stereotypes, one unique beauty at a time.

Cornwall Models & Promotions, which has been launched by Roseland-based former model Hayley Emery, is looking to represent “non-conventional” models and looks for character as well as beauty.

She started the business to give a chance to potential models who didn’t fit traditional agencies’ strict criteria – or are reluctant to enter the fashion industry through a mainstream agency.

With a core belief that everyone is beautiful and a fascination for ‘diverse, smart and interesting’ characters, Emery has assembled 75 models and created an agency to represent them. The new agency doesn’t impose restrictions on model’s appearances and focuses on their personalities and unique talents.

Emery said: “We felt it was important for these talents to be used in campaigns and become positive role models – people of character and natural beauty.

“Cornwall has an amazing range of talent from models, photographers and hairstylists to designers, make-up artists and creative stylists but it has never had an agency to showcase this to the world.”