Video: Drone footage is a viral hit


A video featuring aerial footage of massive waves off the coast of Cornwall has become a viral hit for local drone film production company Light Colour Sound.

The video shot on location in Newquay shows the huge waves rolling towards the shore at famous big wave spot called the Cribbar.

When the video was released on Light Colour Sound’s Facebook page, the film became an instant hit generating thousands of views, shares, comments and likes.

The Cribbar wave only appears a few times of year when a large, long-range ocean swell combines with light winds to produce a spectacular breaking wave at the rocky headland close to Fistral Beach.

James Keith from Light Colour Sound commented: “We travel all over the world filming spectacular landscapes in far-flung locations. So the opportunity to capture footage of this natural phenomena on our own doorstep was too good to miss.

“The videos we post online tend to be well received but the footage of the Cribbar far exceeded all expectations. It was a great feeling to see such a buzz about our film which shows this notorious local wave in all its glory.”


  1. Hi Craig, Matt, Delia, thanks for commenting. A totally fair point regarding the soundtrack, we were lucky enough to catch this swell between jobs and had to put the edit together in a rush before leaving Newquay on our next shoot abroad. Next time hopefully we’ll get a better oppurtunity to spend more time sourcing some local tunes, which I agree would be more fitting.

  2. A Cornish subject demands a Cornish voice-over and Cornish music. There’s hardly a shortage of either. Why is this never done? It’s hardly good business practice to ignore your own assets, is it?

  3. I love the footage but not the American voice on the soundtrack – surely a Cornish rock band like Hanterhir would have been better?

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