A new educational product for children is about to be launched by a Cornish start-up.

Spysquad is the inspiration of mother of two, Claire Randall (also known as Agent C), who previously worked as a counsellor prior to starting up this new venture.

Spysquad is an educational monthly ‘subscription box’ for children and is designed to empower future generations of curious and creative minds by providing fun activities that inspire a love of learning, instil social awareness and help promote strong and healthy personal growth.

Each month, ‘junior agents’ will receive a 32-page magazine where they learn skills related to being a secret agent – skills ranging from communication, secret writing and crpytography, to forensic science.

Also contained in the monthly subscription box are spy games and gadgets, toys and accessories all relating to that particular month’s theme.

Randall has high hopes for Spysquad. She said: “We have already been approached by people in the USA to purchase our box and we are excited that potentially this product has international appeal.

“We anticipate this to be a fantastic new company for the Cornish economy and we have plans to expand and develop a charitable side offering support to underprivileged children within the next 3-5 years.”