Breezing into Cornwall


A new digital media and PR consultancy has opened its doors in Cornwall.

Liz George
Liz George

Specialising in web communications, social media and online branding for the marine industry, the Breeze Studio has been founded by friends and colleagues, Liz George and Claire van Heerden, who between them have wealth of experience in communications, broadcast media and PR.

George began her journalism career with the West Briton, followed by stints on local radio before leaving Cornwall to become an international correspondent with CNN, where she was also primary presenter on its flagship yachting programmes, Inside Sailing and Mainsail.

She said: “The traditional business model is changing rapidly, especially in the media world.  For a business like Breeze, it’s all about access to fast internet connections, mobility and flexibility and happily for me, that means Cornwall.

“The county has always had a creative and entrepreneurial vibe and it’s really exciting to see how the opportunities afforded by investment in technology and broadband here are being seized and made the most of. There is so much going on, it’s an exciting time for Cornwall and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”