Absolute reorganisation


Falmouth-based design agency Absolute Design (Cornwall) Ltd has gone into liquidation.

Following the company entering a Voluntary Creditors Liquidation on February 2, the majority of the staff, including founder Helen Blake, have been retained to work for two new companies that have been formed as result of the liquidation, Absolute Graphics (Cornwall) Ltd and Absolute Interiors (Cornwall) Ltd.

In a statement, the company said: “The reason for the fully planned ‘birth’ is to separate the two main functions of the Absolute business and allow both to flourish in their own right. Given the current economic climate, the new Absolute structures allow the operation a crucial opportunity to write off a number of significant bad debts and realise a range of effective financial benefits.

“The alterations have also allowed the injection of vital fresh investment and a new director for both companies, allowing Helen Blake to once again become much more involved in the creative direction and delivery of all work.

“The new companies have immediately established themselves and are seamlessly continuing the award winning work that has made the team famous. Almost all of the original agency staff are transferring over to the new businesses which will continue to operate side-by-side, constantly generating exciting new brands, design work and interiors for a number of prestigious plc clients as well as the St Moritz Hotel, St Austell Brewery, The Lands End Hotel and The Queensberry Hotel (Bath.)”