Explore your Export Potential


Export Cornwall, the EU-funded specialist service supporting Cornish businesses in international trade, is urging small businesses across the region to prepare themselves to be ‘export ready’ as increasing numbers of Cornish businesses are becoming ‘accidental exporters’.

During March, Export Cornwall is hosting two fully-funded events for Cornish businesses to learn about international trade, understand the steps they need to take to be prepared and discover the possibilities open to them through export.

Explore you Export Potential will be held at the St Austell Business Park on Tuesday March 18, and again at The Alverton in Truro the following Thursday (27th).

Nicola Evans, head of international trade at Export Cornwall, said: “Once your business has a website, it’s global. If your business received an order from a customer abroad, would you or your team know how to process it?

“Even if you are not physically shipping a product, by selling your services to customers abroad, your business is exporting. For example, if you are a consultant, designer or IT service provider, and you are serving customers abroad, that’s export.”

She says that despite the instantaneous exposure to global markets through the web, many small businesses are not prepared for dealing with customers overseas and are becoming ‘accidental exporters’.

Evans continued: “International sales are exciting for small businesses but if the business doesn’t know what to expect from each country’s tax code, product and service regulations, language requirements or shipping rules you can rapidly end up with a headache on your hands.”

Export Cornwall’s one-day events during March are available without charge to Cornish businesses looking to better understand international trade, how to prepare their business for export and exploit growth opportunities through exporting.

Businesses will gain from the workshop a solid understanding of the international trade challenges and opportunities that are unique to their business, as well as the chance to network and learn from peers.

For more information or to book a place on any Export Cornwall workshop, click here.