Funding boost for textiles firm


A Newlyn-based textile manufacturer has turned a European-backed loan into sustained growth for the future.

Betty Boyns produces vintage textile designs and kitchen items and since being founded by Paula Nichols in 2011, has gained a growing reputation on the national stage for producing quality fabrics.

Paula Nichols
Paula Nichols

The growth has been fuelled by a £12k SWIG loan via the South West Loans Fund. She said: “This investment has been really successful and we have been able to increase the hours of key staff and are looking to recruit new staff in 2014.”

The company is reporting a 150% increase in sales and have been able to showcase its products at several successful shows.

“Our staff are flat out until Christmas now, which is great, but we are learning all the time.

“We have switched tack ever so slightly due to the incredible success of a particular product range.

“By being flexible we are able to maximise sales in one area to allow us to develop other products and lines.

“I think that is key in this day and age, where you do have to cut your coat according to your cloth.”

John Peters, SWIG managing director said: “Betty Boyns is exactly the kind of business SWIG likes to invest in.

“They have a great business model, are very switched on but more importantly they have used the investment wisely for growth and not just as a source of quick fix cash flow.”