Collaboration looking for bright ideas


A new company launches today to help product-focused businesses bring new design ideas to market.

Mudskipper Design Ltd is a collaborative venture between four businesses with different but complementary skillsets – Buff Design (industrial product design), Industrial Arts Studio (visualisation and virtual prototyping), Hawkshead Designs (electronics) and PFA Research (market and user-centric research.)

The company was founded with support from the Partner to Succeed business collaboration project and was the brainchild of Lloyd Pennington, creative director of Buff Design.

And it was officially launched today (January 19) at the Collaborate Cornwall Conference, held at the Lighthouse Cinema.

Pennington said: “When I approached my colleagues from the other businesses over a year ago, I’d already worked with each of them but I saw that there was an opportunity to take a more holistic, intelligent, market-focused approach to industrial product design.

“By everyone being involved from the start we could deliver products that the market wanted and importantly get products on the market more quickly, with reduced risk and a better return on investment for our clients.”

Tim Bryant, YTKO’s programme director for Partner to Succeed, added: “I’ve watched this project come together over the last year. It’s great to see four already successful businesses in their own right, come together to exploit their expertise and build something new and exciting.

“This is exactly the sort of project that the Partner to Succeed programme was designed to facilitate and Mudskipper is exactly the sort of knowledge-based business that Cornwall needs.”

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