Superfast roll out picking up speed


An infamous broadband ‘slow spot’ has become the latest Cornish community to join the superfast highway.

Trispen – along with homes and businesses in Lanivet, Penryn, Porthtowan and Drakewalls – has been superfast enabled, much to the delight of local residents.

Rob Trethewey, chairman of St Erme Parish Council, which covers the Trispen area, said: “Broadband has been a hot topic in Trispen for several years.

“Most of the village has been affected by very slow broadband speeds. About 200 people in the village responded to a survey we organised and about 80% reported slow broadband speeds or connection problems of some kind.”

Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth, added: “For the people in Trispen, this will bring new opportunities to work from home, and access services and learning in new ways. As the Superfast Cornwall roll out gathers momentum I look forward to broadband speeds being boosted for all my constituents.”

Superfast Cornwall programme director Nigel Ashcroft commented: “As the first major phase of the programme roll-out gathers momentum, we’ve been delighted by the enthusiasm from local people – demand for better connectivity is high and we’re looking to break some records on the take-up of this incredible new service.

“We really want businesses and people to grasp this early advantage and translate it into real economic benefit; new jobs and opportunities for all.”

The new network is available on an open wholesale basis to all companies offering broadband services. Customers can check their phone line here to see if they can get the service straightaway.



  1. Here at Business Cornwall towers our connection is under 1MB because of our rural location, we are hoping some of the work BT will be doing will give us a boost in the new year.

  2. I live in St Just and the speeds here are diabolical… we’re paying BT for a 20MB line and getting 3MB at the MOST!

    Super-fast broadband is a great idea but really, shouldn’t companies like BT be making sure they are providing their existing customers with the speeds they are paying for BEFORE rolling out huge services?

  3. If anyone from Trispen is reading this I would be interested to hear what improvement they have seem with the new Superfast Broadband. What sort of Speed / Service did you get and what Speed / Service do you have now.

    Thanks in advance


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