Watson-Marlow ahead of target


Hi-tech pump manufacturer Watson-Marlow is celebrating sending its first Pumpsil tubing shipments ahead of target, from purpose-built workspace that was supported by Convergence investment.

The £7.3 million extension to the company’s Falmouth base – one of the first projects to receive approval for ERDF Convergence (£769k) – was completed on time and in budget and had its official opening last October. Shortly before Christmas two shipments of tubing were sent, to Germany and to France. Both shipments went out in week 50, one week ahead of the schedule which Watson-Marlow had set in May 2008.

Christopher Gadsden, MD of Watson-Marlow, said: “Despite the economic downturn, Watson-Marlow has not only successfully continued with its expansion plans, but achieved its targets ahead of schedule.

“Looking forward to 2010, we have a very full order book and so are delighted to have the extra capacity that the new plant gives us.”

Carleen Kelemen, director of the Convergence Partnership Office, said: “Watson-Marlow is a well established company and the ERDF Convergence investment is supporting its ambitions for high growth. Achieving these first orders ahead of target underlines the company’s commitment to these ambitions.”