Frustrations grow over Docks delays


Calls are being made to move along plans on two major regeneration projects in and around Falmouth Docks.

Proposals to build a passenger terminal and bring cruise ships into the Port of Falmouth are still awaiting confirmation of European and RDA funding before the multi-million pound project can go ahead potentially threatening new jobs for the town.

And in addition, plans to build a 290 berth marina are being held up by the Marine and Fisheries Agency because of concerns about contaminated sediments being stirred up by the small yachts using the marina.

The Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Truro and Falmouth, Terrye Teverson, is working closely with Peter Child, managing director of A & P Falmouth to get finances released so work on the project can go ahead.

Teverson said: “The welfare of Falmouth and the Docks go hand in hand.  What is good for the Port of Falmouth is good for Falmouth’s future. Everyone is keen to see it prosper. A&P are the major employer with over 500 jobs. New jobs and new vitality will be brought to the town with this project. The dredging is vital for the regeneration of Falmouth and will open the way for future growth and investment in Wave and other Renewable energy projects in the port and Town.”

Commenting on the marina delays, Child explained: “The MFA are worried about small boats possibly stirring up contaminated sediments on the seabed, yet every week we move several major vessels in and out the port. This week alone we have already undocked the 180m, 20,000t PO Bilbao and berthed RFA Argus at 175m and 28,500t.

“Both ships travel over the same areas and ocean going vessels like these probably disturb far more silt than the marina would in a year, but these movements are viewed as navigation by the MFA and therefore allowable, whereas small marina users and the remote possibility of dredging apparently is not!”

After discussing the problems with Child, Teverson has arranged for MP Julia Goldsworthy and Lord Teverson to meet with MFA Officials in London, and discuss how to move the project along more quickly.

Tim Jones, Chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Business Council has also been contacted to add extra support in getting the plans moving again.