Employee engagement specialist, Karibu Coaching, has announced a partnership with The Little Environmental Action Foundation (The LEAF Charity) to support the growth of endangered habitats and the education of students in Kenya.

By integrating professional growth with environmental stewardship, the new partnership allows organisations to enhance their wellbeing and development while supporting the environment.

For every coaching session, ten indigenous trees will be planted in Kenya, and for every corporate programme, the education of ten students will be sponsored.

Karibu Coaching founder, Kate Fonseca Williams, said: “Karibu is a Swahili word meaning ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘come closer’. Our decision to partner with a charity working in east Africa is driven by our commitment to supporting environmental and educational initiatives in a region close to our hearts.

“This initiative provides a transparent and direct link for our clients between investing in our services and generating an environmental impact. Clients will receive detailed updates about the location of planted trees and the progress of the student’s education, including visual content and stories that bring to life the positive change they are helping to create.

“This partnership reinforces our dedication to personal development, resilience, and sustainability, both for individuals and the environment.”

LEAF is a UK charity working in multiple biodiversity hotspots around the world that works to safeguard threatened habitats, restore vital ecosystems, economically empower marginalised communities and combat climate change through reforestation and education efforts.

Wincate Kagane, a representative from The LEAF Charity, added: “This partnership not only reflects our commitment to ecological restoration but to the nurturing of mindful, sustainability-oriented professionals and organisations. We’re really looking forward to working with the Karibu team and clients, to ensure that corporate partnerships like this one, are meaningful and impactful.”