Peaky’s Charity of the Year


Falmouth-based digital marketing agency Peaky Digital has named local charity St Petrocs as its Charity of the Year.

St Petrocs has been working to end homelessness in Cornwall since 1986. By working with Peaky Digital, it will get help boosting its online presence across multiple digital marketing platforms, including SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.

“We are so thankful that Peaky Digital has chosen us to be their Charity of the Year for 2023,” said Jessica Rush, associate director of fundraising and communications.

“As housing problems and homelessness continue to increase in Cornwall, being able to spread the message about our work is so important and Peaky Digital’s expert support will make a big difference to our communications and marketing. We’re really excited to see what we can achieve together this year.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with St Petrocs for 2023,” added Peaky Digital MD Natalie Temple. “The work that St Petrocs has done across the county has made a huge difference to so many people over the years and we’re honoured to be able to help play a part in that, working to make sure that as many people as possible find the help they need.

“With the ongoing cost of living crisis, so many people are experiencing this type of hardship for the first time, and we’re glad to be able to support a charity that does such amazing work throughout the community.”