Video: This Is What We Do



It’s Hospice Care Week and this year we’re marking the occasion with the launch of a new film and report, both called This is what we do

The film shows our charity in action, doing what we all do to ensure hospice care is there for those who need it in Cornwall.  It was filmed in real time with no actors, no rehearsals, no set up scenes and featuring the sounds of our charity. Sound provides a beat to the rhythm of life at Cornwall Hospice Care.

What you’ll see was captured by us as things happened, no frills, no second takes, no fancy equipment. We captured our charity in action over a 24-hour period as we hosted a major fundraising event, accepted donations and sold them in our shops and cared for patients.

We hope you’ll enjoy this very special glimpse into what makes Cornwall Hospice Care tick and how everyone has a part to play in ensuring we can be there 24/7 for those families who need us.