A Cornish charity has become one of the first organisations in the UK to be accepted onto a new equine register.

The Human Equine Interaction Register UK (HEIR) has been created to ensure all people involved in the field of human/equine interactions operate credible, high quality, safe and ethical practice standards for their service provision.

Celebrating its fifth year, The Hugs Foundation rescues and rehabilitates horses and ponies and endeavours to find them forever homes.

Hugs also has a range of projects to support children and young people, the elderly, military personnel and veterans to improve health and well-being.

It provides a safe space for respite and healing to help service users lead positive fulfilling lives through a range of nature-based interventions at its horse rescue centre.

Laura Dennis, from the Hugs Foundation, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Hugs has been accepted onto the Human Equine Interaction Register UK as it means we have demonstrated that we have both human and equine welfare at the heart of what we do and are a service that really does make a difference to lives.

“Many of the people we support are vulnerable and need to be protected as much as possible. This register was hugely needed and will help ensure high standards or service provision along with creating a greater awareness of this field of work, making the sector credible and safer for everyone.”


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