Caring for the carers

Helen Dunstan

Cornwall Care has hired two new recruits with the specific remit of improving staff wellbeing.

The pandemic has created many challenges, especially for those working in adult social care.

With strict restrictions in place and Covid outbreaks a regular occurrence in care homes, carers have carried on caring – often doing long hours to cover staff absences and taking extra precautions to avoid getting the virus themselves.

To help manage the emotional toll, Cornwall Care has appointed Emma Bowden as the charity’s wellbeing coach and counsellor and Helen Dunstan as its wellbeing and engagement advisor.

“It’s so important to look after staff properly,” said Bowden, who previously worked for a drugs and alcohol charity. “They have a vital, skilled job to do in circumstances that, over the last two years, have been particularly demanding.

Emma Bowden

“My role is to give them the tools, support and listening ear they need to continue providing elderly and vulnerable individuals with excellence in care. That is the heart of Cornwall Care’s values and it’s a real privilege to work with them.”

Helen Dunstan started her human resources career at Cornwall Council, before emigrating to Australia for eight years.

“I came back to Cornwall in 2016 and worked for a tech health company,” she said. “Our fantastic employees care for the most vulnerable people in our community and anything I can do to make their working days a little bit easier with help, support and guidance gives me absolute joy.”