Blow your trumpet for inclusivity

Join the social media storm for National Inclusion Week 27 Sept-3 Oct



At The Inclusivity Project, we’re co-ordinating a social media campaign where we all blow our own trumpets about the strides we’re making in inclusive work.

Whatever you put out during that week using National Inclusion Week hashtags, our unique Cornwall hashtags and tagging us in, we’ll amplify.

We want there to be such a storm on social media of small businesses showing that inclusion matters to them, that other people realise that this is a conversation worth joining.

Let’s acknowledge that this last year has been an unexpected revolution in the way we work and look after staff wellbeing, and show the world that Cornwall is at the forefront of it.

All the details and how to sign up are here

Here are some ideas for things we (or you!) might put out on social during the week:

Profiles or photos of our diverse team and partner organisations, saying why they care about inclusive workplaces.

Images people have taken of their own adapted workplaces, drawn from our participatory photography project.

Videos of businesses we have worked with, who have found new ideas and come up with new services that promote workplace inclusion.

Graphics asking audience engagement questions, that kick-start a conversation around inclusion in the world of work for Cornwall.

Shout outs to other organisations in the region, celebrating the work they are doing, or people who have made a huge difference to wellbeing in our workplace.

Facebook ‘live’ videos talking about the week and different aspects of inclusion.

Join us, and don’t forget to tag us in!