Online charity art auction


Artists with their own unique styles capturing stunning land and seascapes; detailed wildlife and nature; as well quirky interpretations of life are depicted in a brochure released today in time for the Merlin MS Centre’s online art auction.

The brochure illustrates the work of 19 artists from across the country with more than 25 lots – anyone interested can request a copy to get a preview of the pieces in time for the auction to be held online this Saturday (Sep 5).

The charity will be auctioning artwork including pieces from Patrick Hughes, Kit, Johns, Laura Wakeham, Anita Langham, Bonnie Brown, Nutty Lim, Vivienne Spencer, Lambert and Stamp, Jessica Foxwell, John Dyer, Elizabeth Melvin, Dick Twinney, Nicola Mosely, Tom Holland, PV Ashby, Sara Owens and more in a bid to raise funds for the centre which supports people living with MS and other Neurological Conditions.

With Covid-19 preventing many events from taking place the charity decided to move the event online. Anyone interested in bidding for any of the pieces are invited to join the online auction from 9am to 5pm or to request a brochure in advance and submit their bid via email or telephone.

Event organiser Tamsin Chapman said: “We are incredibly grateful to all the artists who have donated their work and we can’t thank them enough. We have such a broad range of art that we are sure there will be something for everyone.

“It has been difficult to plan events, as we are unable to run anything face to face, but we are pleased with the support and the interest this event has gained. We are hopeful it will raise vital funds for the Centre.”

The event can be found on Facebook and a brochure can be requested by registering online.