The coronavirus is affecting every individual and organisation in the world. Cornish Charity, The Hugs Foundation, has come to the very difficult decision to close its doors on a temporary basis, to its wellbeing interventions, events, public visits and visits off-site.

Sadly, for Hugs (as a small charity), this has impacted already because its income has reduced dramatically and therefore, it has had to put a plan in place that reflects the speed at which the matter is escalating to ensure that the charity does all it can to survive.

This has meant it has had to temporarily lay off nearly half the staff and reduce working hours and wages for others. It has a plan in place where it is working with two teams working opposite days (4 days on and 4 days off) to ensure it can continue to care for the animals and keep people as safe as possible.

Charity fundraising coordinator, Laura Dennis, said: “We are absolutely heartbroken having to do this, but we have no other choice, we have to ensure the charity can continue to care for its animals and still be here for the future when we can open our doors again to our well-being interventions.”