Green light for Bosence Farm


A specialist drug and alcohol recovery unit for young people and families is to be built in Cornwall, thanks to a Public Health England grant of £483k to a local independent charity.

The facility at Bosence Farm, near Hayle, will be the only unit in the county to offer residential assessment, stabilisation and detox to young people and those with families facing drug and/or alcohol dependency, and will be delivered in partnership with the Drug and Alcohol Action Team at Cornwall Council.

bosence farm
One of the existing buildings – Boswyns, which provides an inpatient detoxification and stabilisation service

Bosence Farm Community are also contributing a further £100k to build the centre, which will sit alongside its other two units, Boswyns, a medically-supported drug and alcohol detoxification service, and Bosence, a residential rehabilitation centre for people recovering from addiction.

Bosence Farm CEO, Kate Cook, said: “We know that there is a significant barrier to people in need taking up residential support because of concern for their children’s wellbeing if their parents need treatment, and that the seriousness of their problems may mean they lose custody altogether.

“There is also no residential provision in Cornwall for young people under 18 who have problems with substance abuse. This third centre will mean that we can help families and individuals with complex needs right here in Cornwall, and significantly improve the outcomes.”

Construction of the centre is due to start in November with completion expected in May 2016.