Cornishman to row the Channel


A young Cornishman is set to row from Tower Bridge to the Eiffel Tower for charity.

Rower, David Callaghan

David Callaghan, from Falmouth and current rowing captain of Nankersey Rowing Club, has stepped up to the challenge at the last minute after another rower had to pull out unexpectedly.

Alongside all the training Callaghan now faces, he needs to raise £5k of corporate sponsorship in order to take part in the event and needs the business community in Cornwall to help.

Callaghan said: “I’m looking for a business that can help with the funding aspect of this mission.

“The charity is offering the business branding throughout the row, including the company logo on each rowers kit, and on the website.

“I think this would be a great opportunity for any business that would like to increase their national presence, show a commitment to corporate social responsibility, and any links between the UK and France would be a bonus.

“I will be doing a full social media campaign with a the business that supports me both before, during, and after the row.”

The #TowerToTower Rowing Challenge will see a team of 24 tackling the gruelling 450 nautical mile open-water row from Tower Bridge in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Branded the ‘Everest of open-water rowing’, the celebrity-led crew will be battling against the tidal effects of the Thames and the Seine and attempt to conquer a 36 hour channel crossing. Rowing as a team, the challenge will take six days to complete, weather and tides permitting.

The journey starts in the shadow of Tower Bridge at St. Catherine’s Docks at 8:00am on Monday, May 25. The team will be rowing in two 32ft Cornish Gigs.

David Callaghan can be contacted on  or 07525748454.