A ‘Social network for social good’


A new website has been launched enabling people to source ideas and resources for community projects.

made open

Made Open, which claims to be the first ‘social network for social good’, is a free-to-use crowdsourcing site where people worldwide can source ideas, donations, volunteers and resources for community projects.

It combines the concepts of social networking, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and crowdpledging into a single site where people can get community projects off the ground quickly and easily.

Robert Woolf, founder of Made Open, explained: “Social networks have enabled people with shared interests and ideals to come together like never before.

“Made Open takes that ease of collaboration one step further, by providing a single place where people can discuss ideas, gather volunteers, raise funds, and source the materials they need to get projects underway.”

Among the first users of Made Open are Legs for Africa – a UK charity that collects redundant prosthetic legs for use in Africa – and the St Petroc’s Society, a Cornwall-based charity for single homeless people.

Made Open will donate 10p to a charity pot for every new user who signs up to the site before the December 24. A maximum of £1k could be won for charity. A winner will be picked at random and invited to nominate a charity for the money to be donated to.  Click here for more details.