A&P in Sierra Leone appeal


A&P Falmouth is appealing for vital provisions – including non-perishable food – to send to children in an African orphanage in time for Christmas.

It follows the heartwarming response to similar appeals in November 2013 and June 2014, when hundreds of toys and sports equipment were donated and sent to underprivileged children in Sierra Leone.

With Gypsum Centennial in Falmouth for a refit, A&P will once again be sending out provisions for the children at All as One Orphanage with the funds raised so far this year.

All As One Orphanage

The ship will be returning to Sierra Leone when she leaves Falmouth and the company will be sending items which are urgently needed due to the cost of food escalating in the region.

Items needed include dry and tinned food, such as pasta, rice, dried milk, tinned tomatoes and condensed milk, and hygiene items including soap, handwash and sanitizer.

Penny Phillips, executive assistant at A&P Falmouth, said: “Everything we have sent to Sierra Leone previously has been gratefully received by the children, who have nothing of their own and are living in incredibly difficult circumstances.

“So if you, your family, friends, your church, your children’s schools or any other organisations you are associated with would like to help, please let them know that we can accept boxes here at A&P, provided they are sealed and are clearly labelled with contents. Please do not send anything that would perish in the heat (ie chocolate).”

Any donations should be dropped to A&P Falmouth at The Docks before November 24 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.