Charity looks to crowdfunding


A charity in Cornwall is within a whisker of reaching its initial target for its latest project through the crowdfunding website,

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The Sensory Trust, based just outside St Austell, is hoping to raise at least £2,500 to enable it have its new game ‘gofindit’ produced professionally.

The game, which has been designed by Stuart Spurring from the charity, is a twist on the treasure hunt theme and suitable for days in the park, on a walk or in the countryside.

Claire Francis from The Sensory Trust said: “We wanted to create something that was simple to play, engaging for all ages but also easy to carry on a day out.”

The object of the game is to collect natural items based on the cards dealt.

This can involve finding multiple items based on touch, texture, sound, smell or colour, or even a single item with a combination of all the cards.

The charity has just over a week left on its kickstarter campaign, which needs to reach at least £2,500 to make the product a reality.

Pledges of as little as a pound can be made online at by searching for gofindit.