Green Light landlords appeal


Green Light, a company providing residential care for people with autism, is appealing to landlords in Cornwall for family homes to rent.

Green Light PBS Ltd, based in Redruth, was established five years ago and employs more than 100 people providing support to people with intellectual disabilities and autism across five family size homes in Cornwall.

Due to the growing demand for its specialist services, the company is seeking new homes for its residents, either to rent or purchase.

The homes would be rented for a minimum of five years, to give its tenants long-term stability and the landlord security of tenure without the costs of continually having to find new tenants.

“People are often concerned that renting to people with special needs, such as those with autism, will mean that their properties may be damaged,” said Sarah Miller, Green Light’s compliance manager.

“This is a common misconception. Our team of dedicated staff are fully trained and well equipped to deal with the challenges that caring for people with autism may present. They ensure that our customers enjoy a stable, fulfilling lifestyle in homes that are managed to a very high standard.”

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