Canada splits from ShelterBox


The Canadian partner of ShelterBox has split from the Helston-based charity to form its own aid operation.

ShelterBox Canada’s executive director Don Ohlgren has set up Disaster Aid Canada, claiming he can provide a cheaper version of the disaster relief box.

ShelterBox, which was founded in 2000 by Tom Henderson OBE with the help of the Helston and Lizarad Rotary Club, sends out a box containing a ten-person tent, blankets, water purification tablets, cooking equipment, tools and a stove, to victims of natural disaster across the world.

Each ShelterBox costs £490, whereas the Disaster Aid Canada Family Box will cost C$750 (£460).

Henderson said that ShelterBox remains focused on saving lives, but the split was “a distraction”.

“If we look at the hurdles we’ve had to overcome,” he said, “whether it’s getting people into North Korea and Myanmar recently, it’s a small hurdle. There’s much to do and we intend to get on with it.”

The two sides are due to meet  in Vancouver next month to discuss the situation.