Environmental one stop shop for building industry


A new energy and environmental consultancy in the region is creating a ‘one-stop shop’ for the south west’s construction industry and associated professionals.

Offering a specialist advice and third party support for sustainable building and renewable energy projects, The Energy & Environment Group, which is part of Truro-based engineering and environmental specialists Wardell Armstrong International, opened for business at the beginning of April with a team of experts selected from across the company.

The new Group will provide vital consultancy enabling building sector practitioners to successfully manage all sustainable and environmental aspects of a project from beginning to end.

Nick Coppin, managing director of Wardell Armstrong International, said: “As the construction and development sector shifts to more sustainable working patterns, many of which are mandatory, it is important that developers and professionals have access to specialist advice and expertise needed to complete a job, and this is the service we aim to provide.

“With construction it is often not just a case of compliance but being prepared for the next level of legislation and increasing demand from business and consumers for sustainable buildings and environments.”

The Energy & Environment Group offers a wide range of consultancy services in sustainable energy, brownfield regeneration, waste management, environmental permitting and environmental impact assessments (EIA).  In addition, the Group is responding to increasing demand for environmental and sustainability audits, design of green infrastructure and advice on climate change issues, sustainable materials and transport.

Haydn Scholes, director responsible for energy and sustainable development at Wardell Armstrong International, added: “We had a lot of expertise at WAI but in different locations and as the construction sector developed environmentally we were finding more clients requiring end to end solutions. 

“In other words, where a company once only needed land decontamination they now have to comply with strict waste management policies and have robust strategies for renewable energy and sustainable construction in place. It therefore seemed sensible to create a coordinated approach within the company, saving clients time and money.”