New initiative from Rosemullion


Developers, funders and landowners with underperforming property assets could have the chance to realise their value, thanks to a new service launched by an award-winning Cornish company.

Rosemullion Homes has set up the Project Management service which aims to offer support to landowners with asset values they wish to release or for developments that may have become ‘distressed’ due to the current economic climate.

The Truro-based company believe that despite the market there are opportunities to use its combined expertise to help organisations that want to get good value for their assets as well as find an exit strategy.

“As we know many people moved into development and housing in a buoyant market,” said Rosemullion’s land and planning director, Duncan Cumberland.

“And many were successful. However, since the credit crunch began to hit home many of these schemes have been left underperforming or potentially distressed.

“Our aim with our new Project Management service is to offer our expertise to the funders and owners of these schemes to allow them to realise the value, as well as provide them with an exit strategy.”

Rosemullion, which was named the UK’s Housebuilder of the Year at the What House? Awards 2008 is able to provide a one-stop shop offering expertise from land acquisition and project appraisal, through to planning, construction and sales.

“The current development with its planning permission could have lost its viability,” said Cumberland.

“Our team with its expertise can assess the site and offer impartial support that will aim to address this.

“We can look at every aspect of a development or planning consent from its design through to the detailed planning conditions and ‘value-engineer’ a scheme to aid viability. Our technical and construction team have been key to our award winning success over the years and anybody employing our services can rest assured they are working with the best.

“We feel that there are opportunities and by engaging company like Rosemullion it presents a fresh perspective which will allow for a successful outcome.”