Mediation in the workplace


Companies struggling to manage workplace conflict between employees can now access workplace mediation locally.

Sapience HR’s Sue Hook has recently gained the Certificate in Workplace Mediation awarded through ACAS. Examiners commented that she was a very strong candidate, who demonstrated maturity and a wealth of practical experience. Her management and control of the mediation process was described as ‘impressive’.

Hook commented: “I am delighted to have gained this certificate.  Training with the experts, ACAS, provided a thorough, practical understanding of mediation process. Conflict between employees can cost businesses severely, not only in financial terms but also in management time and stress and anxiety for those involved.

“Mediation can offer a meaningful and cost effective way of getting staff to address their conflict and work together better in the future.


  1. Its important to nip employee conflicts in the bud before they blow out of proportion as they can seriously effect the workplace in many ways. Not least the performance of those involved, but everyone around them will be upset by it. In a small company this can be devastating.

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