St Austell Brewery Joins Gold Rush


St Austell Brewery are delighted to announce they have won two “Gold Awards” for their bottled ale Proper Job and Admirals Ale in the prestigious Taste of the West Awards.

The two brews could not be more different in flavour and style. Proper Job is a 5.5% abv traditional IPA brewed using lashings of hops to create a golden bitter ale packed full of citrus overtones. Admirals Ale is 5% abv and is a much fuller and slightly darker beer, being spicy and sweeter, almost the Christmas pudding of ales. Both beers are bottled conditioned.

It’s not quite the Olympics, but the awards are still much prized and sought after by producers in the South West. St Austell Brewery’s Head Brewer Roger Ryman is the creator of both beers and was understandably delighted with the success.

Roger said, “We are very pleased to have won these awards. It demonstrates the versatility of our brewery, showing that we can brew two very different ales of award winning standard and get recognised for this.”

John Sheaves, Chief Executive of Taste of the West said, “The passion, enthusiasm and sheer quality of south west food and drink products have shone through once again – we are delighted with this year’s winners.”

The Taste of the West Awards are designed to highlight the best produce in the South West and recognise excellence from its members. The awards recognise successful and high quality businesses across food and drink production, hospitality and food retail.

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