Wildworks names new artistic director


Cornish theatre company Wildworks has appointed a new artistic director.

Myriddin Pharo, known as ‘Mydd’, is the long-standing production designer and a founding artist of Wildworks, having worked extensively with the company across its 15-year history.

As artistic director, he will now lead all aspects of the artistic vision, both of the company, and of future productions, and his appointment marks a fitting point in the ongoing process of the evolution of Wildworks, an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, after the untimely death of co-founder Bill Mitchell in 2017.

Mydd has worked on every Wildworks’ project, with particular highlights including The Passion in Port Talbot in 2011 and Wolf’s Child in 2015 and 2017. He has also worked extensively as a key collaborator for other companies including Kneehigh and Nigel and Louise of Shunt and Punchdrunk.

To coincide with the news of the appointment, Wildworks launched a new teaser film that illustrates the new company aesthetic, with a new logo and livery. A new website, developed with Cornish creative agency A-Side, will follow shortly.

Emma Hogg, Wildworks’ executive director, said: “We’re all pleased that Mydd has agreed to lead the shaping of our work moving forward, building on our reputation for strong, stunning visuals and deep, powerful, personal and place-centred storytelling. It was our collective determination when we lost Bill Mitchell in 2017 that we would deliver on his dream for the company to carry on his legacy.

“Until now, we have not had the ‘right’ way, or person, to honour this wish. Our appointment of Mydd, at this pivotal point and time, feels like we can now naturally fulfil this hope and this duty, and we all know that Bill would wholeheartedly approve of us all stepping forward together, with Mydd leading from the front.  We are exceedingly grateful for the ongoing support from Arts Council England and Cornwall Council during this extended period of transition into our new future.”