Long wait over for Bustophers


Bustophers Bar Bistro, in Truro, has appointed a new head chef.

Bustophers' new head chef, Matt Long
Bustophers’ new head chef, Matt Long

Matt Long joins the Lemon Street bistro having previously worked as executive head chef at the Falmouth Beach Hotel until it was destroyed by fire last year.

Bustophers’ general manager, Tom Hancock, said: “We’re currently on a campaign to go ‘back to bistro’ and we’re delighted to have Matt on board, he has a passion for making good quality, good tasting food that is value for money and that matches with our bistro ethos.”

Long added “Bustophers is recognised as a fantastic venue, my goal is to now make the food the talking point. A happy customer is one that is smiling, enjoying their food, and who feels that they’ve paid a fair price. They’re the ones that will help spread the word for us.”