Gallery selects UCP grad


Porthminster Gallery in St Ives has recruited a new member to its creative team through the Unlocking Cornish Potential (UCP) scheme.

Claire Pearce

Claire Pearce, a recent design graduate from Cardiff University, will be focussing on the marketing function of the business and in particular its online presence.

Owner David Durham said: “One of the gallery’s most successful qualities is the time we take getting to know our visitors, sparking up great conversations and allowing us to help them find that exact piece they’ve been searching for.

“Our new marketing role has been tailored with the aim to develop this ethos outside of the gallery, primarily using the effective range of the Internet as a way to continue building these positive relationships with new and existing clients.”

He added: “This aspect of our business is an extremely important factor for our growth and we are delighted to have Claire join the team.”



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