Hine Downing partner retires


As Falmouth law firm Hine Downing says farewell to one senior partner, it will be welcoming in a new member of the team whose name will have a familiar ring.

Brian Dilks

Brian Dilks, who leads on all areas of civil litigation, will be retiring at Christmas after a legal career spanning four decades.

Dilks joined the C Vincent Downing & Co arm of what is now Hine Downing in the days, as he puts it, “before fax machines, email and computers”. He was one of the authors of the 1998 merger which has seen the Hine Downing partnership consolidate its position as one of Cornwall’s most respected law firms.

Back in his C Vincent Downing days, Dilks worked alongside well-known Falmouth solicitor Mike Richards and it is his son Edward who will be moving back to Cornwall to head up Hine Downing’s litigation department on his retirement, following 20 years as partner with South Devon law firm Hooper and Wollen.

Of the forthcoming changes, John Lowry, the firm’s head of commercial law said: “Brian has been a steadying hand on the tiller through the ever-changing sea of legal services and we will miss his level headed approach to new challenges and his attention to detail.

“At the same time we’re extremely pleased to be welcoming Edward Richards into the team. He has the perfect combination of top notch credentials and, as a Cornishman, a deep affinity with this part of the world.”