Pulling down barriers


A Cornish recruitment company has launched a new package aimed at addressing two of the biggest barriers to recruitment in Cornwall.

Dougie Woods, director at Talent Cornwall, believes businesses can be deterred by the sizeable lump sum costs involved with recruitment, as well as the fear of wasted investment if the new recruit doesn’t work out.

But now the company is offering a solution where the costs of placement are spread over the course of a year. Woods explained: “This new product allows us to share the risk with the employer. The placement rate for this product of only 9.5% is in itself market leading, but now you can spread it over 12 months. It’s really simple if the recruit leaves – you stop paying.”



  1. As someone who has often complained about the fees agencies charge this sound like an excellent idea. Towards the end of my time as a recruiter it seemed as if the only replies you ever got to job adverts was from agencies. Applicants appear to feel that they should use this route or are they just too lazy to apply individually?

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