Pay What Feels Good To You is an initiative set up by Cornwall-based business, The Day That, aimed at helping customers who are worried about the cost of gifting this Christmas.

The Day That decided to allow customers to contribute whatever they felt they could afford towards their range of personalised sunrise photographs – usually gifted as sentimental reminders of the day a baby was born, a wedding, birthday or other milestone event.

Director, Tom Freeland, commented: “It’s been incredible! Pay What Feels Good To You (PWFGTY) is all about making people feel good when right now many people are feeling pretty worried. It feels great knowing that we’ve sent out nearly 100 prints already to customers who are clearly facing significant pressures this year. The conversations and messages we’ve had with customers have been so touching and this really feels like a wonderful snowball of positivity. Good things come full circle, so although right now our margins are taking a hit and we’re working very long hours, we’ve probably created some super-customers who will come back again in future and will tell all their friends. It’s lovely to think we’ve brought some positivity back to the buying cycle and into people’s homes right now.”