In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Rock-based Sharp’s Brewery is launching a special intergalactic brew using, conveniently named, galaxy hops and planet malt in collaboration with the team behind Apollo 50, the new, one-day science, music and arts event, at Goonhilly Earth Station. This astronomical beer called, One Giant Leap will be launched and available on cask exclusively (while stocks last) at the event on July 20th 2019.

Back in 1969, TV watchers around the world sat captivated by Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind as he became the first man to step on the moon, unaware that the pictures they were watching were being transmitted via a giant satellite dish from Goonhilly Earth Station on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. The Arthur satellite dish enabled transatlantic broadcasts for the first-time, sharing this triumph in technology to millions globally.

Giant Leap is an uplifting 3.6% golden pale ale and it is brewed using planet pale malt, aurora and galaxy hops – all of which gives it its distinct ‘out of this world’ flavour.

Sharp’s Brewery’s head brewer, Aaron McClure will also be giving a talk on beer at the event, focusing on the making of the beer and joined by some of the team from Goonhilly Earth Station. He says of the collaboration, “We’re absolutely thrilled with this project. It’s an honour to be a part of such an occasion in a landmark location and we loved working with the event team on this. On our initial visit to Goonhilly to discuss ingredients and beer style, it was clear there are lots of parallels in our work – from the science of what we both do to the passion of the teams. The beer we went on to create on our pilot plant at the brewery in Rock is an easy drinking, yet super hoppy, delicious pale ale. At 3.6% abv it’s perfect for keeping eventgoers refreshed at Apollo 50. We’re really looking forward to the event and hope people enjoy tasting One Giant Leap as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.”