Truro-based consultancy Rethink Marketing has renewed an ongoing agreement to provide marketing services to Sussex’s largest estate agency, Mansell McTaggart, who has 17 offices across Sussex and into Surrey.

Chris Hounsome, director of Mansell McTaggart, said: “Over the last 2½ years, we’ve worked with Rethink to improve our offering to our clients, modernise our brand, website and marketing materials. Even though we are the largest estate agency in our area, we are keen not to rest on our laurels and Rethink will be helping us continue to enhance and modernise what we offer and how we offer it.”

Charlie Snell, director of Rethink Marketing, who specialise in providing marketing services for estate agents, said: “We’ve really enjoyed working with Mansell McTaggart on their offering, their messages, website and materials – and we’re thrilled to be asked to continue that process. Despite the company’s rich heritage it is also embracing modern marketing methods enthusiastically.

“We’re also immensely proud that most of our work comes from out-of-county and we’re proud to be a net-exporter from Cornwall. Onwards and upwards!”