Vision Nine, the organisers of the Boardmasters, is set to submit a new application for the positive growth of the Watergate Bay music festival site for 2017.  The new application will be for the growth of the event by an additional 5,000, half the amount which was previously submitted to Cornwall Council.

Andrew Topham, Co-CEO of Vision Nine said: “We were evidently disappointed with the recent decision, however, as we have always made clear, we are all keen that we work collaboratively with all of the authorities, support organisations, officers and surrounding businesses and individuals to ensure that our highly successful events are created, and continue to run, in the most practical and efficient ways.

“We have swiftly developed a fresh, new set of plans in ongoing consultation with local residents and local businesses, and we are continually working in tandem with the responsible authorities to further improve traffic management and lessen any impact that event has on the surrounding area.”

Andrew continues: “In line with the feedback that some felt that the music festival was growing too fast, we have amended our figures to a growth of 5,000 people for this year. We firmly believe the new application will deliver sustainable growth for the festival itself and for all of our local suppliers and temporary staff.”