Finance service pays dividends


Businesses are hailing the pre and post funding support provided by Oxford Innovation (OI) as a unique and invaluable element in the leveraging of investment in their growing businesses. Since the start of the ERDF funded Coaching for High Growth project, OI has worked alongside businesses in all aspects of growth strategy including supporting over £10million in debt, grant and equity based investment raises. More than a simple access to finance service, the ongoing work of OI coaches delivers additional benefits to both businesses and their funders.

Stafford Sumner
Stafford Sumner

A beneficiary of this service, Stafford Sumner, managing director of digital marketing agency Jarrang said: “The access to finance support of OI was invaluable in ensuring that we not only had a business plan that was attractive to investors but, crucially, we were able to make the correct decisions on what type of blended funding was right for our business at the time. Furthermore, the continued support and mentoring in the crucial post investment phase meant that the business accelerated even faster than a simple cash injection would have allowed. Issues like cash flow management, investment priorities and investor relationship management were all supported and the fact that this was delivered as a seamless part of the existing coaching relationship made a huge difference as trust and understanding was already there.”

Andrew Farmer, programme director for OI in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly commented;

“OI coaches have a deep understanding of the complex needs of growing SME’s. Working in partnership with colleagues in the professional services sector, we are proud of the outstanding results achieved in investment raises of all kinds, from grant applications to complex equity based deals. OI has over 20 years’ experience of successful angel network management and funding raises, so, the ability to weave this essential service into established working relationships with our clients is better for them than the temporary appointment of 3rd parties, with consequent risks and delays. From the investor’s perspective, our ongoing engagement both leverages and de-risks their funding so this capability works to the benefit of all parties.”