Rural boost for West Cornwall


West Cornwall Local Action Group (WCLAG) has announced the updated Business Grant scheme following the boost of £250,000 extra funding from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) with finance from the EU and Defra.

The Business Grant scheme is targeted at micro enterprise (less than 10 employees) across the west Cornwall area in parts of the county which used to be Penwith & Kerrier except for Redruth, Camborne and Pool.

“I look forward to a lot of demand for this continuation of our WCLAG Business Scheme, which has been quietly investing in small businesses for a couple of years now. I would like to stress how important I feel the smaller businesses are throughout west Cornwall. ” said Rex Sadler, chair of the West Cornwall Local Action Group.

The Grant funding invests in business development and targets the extremely rural and smaller sized businesses which make up a large portion of the rural economy of the area. The priorities that the Local Action Group feels are most important for their Grant Scheme are smaller size businesses below the threshold for VAT, projects which develop the rural supply chain particularly in sustainable tourism, land based and local products and food sectors.

Farm businesses are not eligible but land based activity and farming families are encouraged to apply.