Tidal energy partnership agreed


Falmouth-based offshore renewables specialist Inyanga Marine Energy Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Verdant Morlais Ltd (VML) to deliver a 4.9MW tidal stream energy project at Morlais in Wales, the largest consented tidal energy scheme in Europe.

The project will take place in a berth close to the 10MW project awarded to Inyanga through the UK Government ‘Contracts for Difference’ Allocation Round 5 in September last year, which will utilise Inyanga’s patented HydroWing tidal stream technology.

VML was also awarded a 4.9MW tidal project at Morlais in Allocation Round 5. VML is a joint venture company established by Verdant Power, Inc. (New York, USA) and Duggan Brothers Contractors Ltd (Ireland) to assess and develop tidal energy projects in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Inyanga will deliver a full engineering, procurement, construction and installation solution to VML for the 4.9MW project in conjunction with a long-term operations and maintenance contract.

CEO, Richard Parkinson, said: “This new partnership allows us to explore economies of scale and creates a clear commercial path for our project. Collaboration unlocks exciting new opportunities for innovation and cost reduction, potentially accelerating development of the tidal energy industry.”

Andy Billcliff, chief executive of Menter Môn Morlais Limited, which manages the Morlais tidal energy site, added: “We are thrilled to see this innovative partnership between two of the tidal energy companies awarded projects in the latest ‘Contracts for Difference’ round.

“By combining forces and unleashing economies of scale as well as the power of collaborative thinking, we expect to see an impact on the overall success of the Morlais project, helping to establish the commercial viability of tidal energy as a clean renewable energy.”