Lobster Hatchery on Countryfile


BBC presenter Charlotte Smith visited The National Lobster Hatchery for a peek behind-the-scenes in last weekend’s episode of Countryfile.

During her visit, Smith explored the hatchery and met with Ben Marshall, head of production, to learn about the marine conservation charity and the intricate work involved in rearing and releasing lobsters.

Nicola O’Donnell, chief operations officer at The National Lobster Hatchery, expressed her excitement about the feature. “We were thrilled to be asked to feature on BBC Countryfile,” she said, “a fantastic programme to be a part of, and an incredible opportunity to raise awareness of our project and engage a wider audience in conservation here in Cornwall.”

During the episode, viewers had the chance to see Smith join the team for a baby lobster release in Constantine Bay.

O’Donnell  added: “We typically talk to thousands of people each year about the rearing and release of our lobsters, so to have our work shared with such a massive audience is a huge privilege and a wonderful way to highlight the charity as we head into our 25th year.”