Saint Piran Pro Cycling has issued a rallying call to the cycling community as it officially launches an ambitious journey to reach net zero and share its experiences of doing so across the cycling industry.

It is committing to a social impact plan that puts communities and the environment at the heart of its future – recognising its legacy of change and inspiration will far outlast its growing racing success.

Richard Pascoe, owner of the Saint Piran group, explained: “There is some incredible work being done in cycling – to improve lives and the environment, but there is a gap in learning. In our short journey to date, we have already faced challenges like finding hybrid vehicles for the upcoming Tour of Britain.

“It is essential we are open about our journey because money and resources are limited across cycling, and costs are spiraling – we have to work smarter. We will be transparent about what we do and how we do it because if we don’t, how will we learn as an industry?”

Based in Redruth, with a bike shop and bike hire centre in Bissoe driving its income, Saint Piran Pro Cycling has grown out of the Cornish grassroots to its first British Cycling Elite National Road Race win last month at the Ryedale Grasscrete GP (Aug 21) with a first and second place. So, it says, this is a natural step to fully focus on giving back to the community.

The Saint Piran social impact plan has been building slowly to this launch. It has already put in place a number of key partnerships to help it make the impact it targets:

  • The group is working with the University of Exeter, leaders on environmental impacts, to understand their carbon footprint and where it can make a significant impact to practically reduce it – outside of merely offsetting.
  • It is exploring the possible transition to circular economy, supported by the University of Exeter Business School to enable all three Saint Piran teams and community facilities to reduce wastage and enable the reuse and remanufacture of components where feasible.
  • Richard Pascoe, founder, has signed up to the Shift Cycling Climate Commitment to work with others in the industry to move things forward.
  • Saint Piran is already using their broken bike chains to provide local businesses with resources to make jewellery. Moving up the value chain consideration is being given to reducing carbon wastage by recycling broken bike frames and forks. This includes collaboration with leading wheel and component supplier Pacenti, who support all the wheels across the teams
  • The team has written to Cornish Diaspora communities across the World asking for ways Saint Piran and cycling can make a difference including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Feedback will be shared.
  • It is working with Cornwall Council on sustainability projects including the promotion of cycling as a more sustainable way to travel
  • The women’s team continues to promote and run amateur women’s racing in the South West of England
  • A Saint Piran community interest company has been established to drive a range of community programmes including in-school bike renewal and repair using current team infrastructure
  • Saint Piran has signed up to the SweetSpot programme to capture and recycle all gel wrappers in partnership with Enval during races and to work longer-term on other sustainable projects.
  • The Saint Piran group continues discussions with car manufacturers to move to a fully hybrid set of vehicles and fully electric when technology and cost allows.
  • It continues working with partners and sponsors to embed the same principles and work together to maximise impact.