Office has its own bar

Emma Fairclough

Local recruitment agency, The Eight Group, is mixing the idea of work and play by building its own ‘scandi-style’ beach bar below its commercial workspace.

A first of its kind for Newquay; the recruitment agency sits upstairs and Mix licensed bar downstairs in unit three of The Ark on East Street.

The bar will be for use of staff, clients and recruitment events but also available for the public to step off the sand, moments from Towan beach.

Hot-desking space is also available on the ground floor to meet the local start-up demand for flexible workspace for business professionals.

The concept comes from agency owner Emma Fairclough, who has run recruitment businesses for over ten years.

“Growing up in the town, I always thought that I would have to leave for bigger and better career opportunities,” she said. “This perception leaks so much talent out of Cornwall with many deciding on leaving the place they love. By creating a mixed work/play space right next to the beach with the opportunity to earn a higher wage in recruitment, I hope to see that perception shift with an aim to create 40 new jobs over the next two years- we have created 27 jobs already.”

She continued: “We worked with local trades people and interior designer and stylist from Newquay, Georgi Holland of Tigah Interiors. She has created a reason to return to the office, designing a collaborative space which brings a new meaning to the idea of staff wellbeing.”