A brand specialising in supplements for digestive health has launched in Cornwall.

Trivas, whose name comes from Swedish and means ‘To Thrive’, currently offers two supplements to help alleviate gastrointestinal issues and promote overall health.

Their flagship product, Probiotic Superfoods, is a daily wellness shake with organic fruits and vegetables, key vitamins and minerals plus 10 billion gut friendly bacteria per serving. It has been specially formulated to help those suffering from conditions such as IBS, bloating and acid reflux.

Their second product, Advanced Digestive Complex, is designed to be taken before each meal and aims to prevent the onset of indigestion and heartburn by speeding up the passage of food through the stomach and increasing motility in the gut.

Founder Tom Hanson said the inspiration for Trivas was born from personal experience: “I’ve had digestive health issues for most of my adult life,” he said.

“Over the years I’ve been prescribed a range of drugs, some of which have helped in the short term, but none of which have addressed the root cause of the problem. It was only when I started to research digestive health from a holistic viewpoint – fully considering the effects of diet and lifestyle on the body – that things really started to change.”

He continued: “The products in our range represent the consolidation of years of research and personal experimentation. In creating them, we worked with a team of expert nutritionists to ensure efficacy, safety and quality.”